Small Gestures: Enhancing Work Life

Embracing the power of the little things!


In our quest to create a positive and enjoyable work environment, we’ve come to appreciate the incredible impact of the little things. While grand gestures have their place, it’s the small moments that truly make a difference. These seemingly insignificant details strengthen our team bond, cater to individual needs, and infuse our workplace with joy. Let’s delve into why these little things matter so much.


First and foremost, we prioritize our staff’s comfort throughout the day. It’s the small actions that count, like catering to individual needs regarding equipment and stocking our studios’ restrooms with products for personal hygiene. From deodorant and mints to sanitary products and hand sanitisers, we’ve got you covered! By ensuring these little essentials are readily available, we want everyone to feel their best and know that their well-being matters to us.


But it doesn’t stop there. We believe that every day should have an element of fun. That’s why we’ve set up an ongoing chess game in our office, inviting the entire studio to participate. This collaborative game allows anyone to make a move and keep the game going, whether they’re a chess enthusiast or simply looking to test their skills. It’s a delightful way to engage with colleagues, foster camaraderie, and enjoy a friendly challenge during breaks. Additionally, we’ve embarked on a collective endeavour with an ongoing jigsaw puzzle. While these activities may seem small, they bring a touch of excitement to our studio and provide moments of joy throughout the day.


Creativity and self-expression are cherished within our workplace. To encourage imagination and add colour to our work environment, we’ve provided chalk for everyone to unleash their artistic talents on our giant blackboard wall. Whether it’s doodling, writing inspiring quotes, or sharing a funny sketch, this small gesture fuels creativity and creates an environment where ideas can flow freely.


Fueling our minds and bodies is crucial for productivity and well-being. That’s why we offer a diverse selection of teas, coffees, and fresh fruits to keep everyone energized and refreshed. Whether you prefer a soothing cup of herbal tea or a vibrant fruit snack, our well-stocked provisions are there to enhance your day and keep those creative juices flowing.


It’s the accumulation of these little things, paired with our social events and wellness days, that transforms our work environment into something extraordinary. From the thoughtfully provided amenities to the ongoing games and creative outlets, we hope these small gestures have improved our team’s daily lives. At Soul Assembly, we constantly seek ways to further enhance the quality of life of our team, making our studio a haven that inspires happiness and creativity.

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