Fueling Progress: Mentorship Insights

Navigating the dynamic realm of the gaming industry requires not just technical prowess, but also a sense of responsibility to cultivate the next generation of diverse talent. Our Programmer, Kieran, recently embarked on a transformative journey as a mentor in the Limit Break program. We wanted to delve into his experiences, insights, and the profound impact of guiding individuals toward success in the vibrant world of game development. Join us as we explore the meaningful intersection of expertise and mentorship, igniting new pathways for aspiring minds while enriching the gaming community as a whole.

What motivated you to become a mentor in the “Limit Break” program, and how has this experience enhanced your connection to both the industry and your work at Soul Assembly?

Kieran: I signed up to be a mentor in this year’s Limit Break program to try and help some talented people get into the games industry. I think we all know just how difficult it is to get that first job in the games industry. I’ve seen so many talented individuals graduate but just can’t get a job in the games industry. When I was reading up about Limit Break, I was also really impressed with their work to help under-represented people in the games industry.

I knew from my previous professional experience that I really enjoy mentoring and managing people, so I thought that Limit Break was the perfect opportunity to do some mentoring outside my day-to-day work.

How has this experience enhanced your connection to both the industry and your work at Soul Assembly?

K: When I joined Limit Break, I took part in a session of their Mentorship and Allyship training with a group of industry professionals. In this meeting, it was fantastic to network with great people in the games industry, even if they all had a lot more seniority than me. Alongside meeting those individuals at the Limit Break training, I have also had meetings with lots of different people looking to get into the games industry.

My experience with Limit Break should be a great experience to help with my future progression inside Soul Assembly as lots of the training I received also applies to work at Soul Assembly. After I was inspired by the Mentorship and Allyship training, I signed up to be an EDI champion.

Could you share a memorable moment or accomplishment from your mentoring journey that exemplifies the impact of the “Limit Break” program on the mentee’s growth and your own professional development?

K: I think my most memorable part of the program so far was attending the Mentorship and Allyship training at the start of the program. It was really eye-opening to hear about what under-represented and marginalised individuals have to face in the games industry. On a personal note, taking part in this training was quite out of my comfort zone (due to it being a practical session with some industry professionals) but I was proud that I completed it.

In what ways do you tailor your guidance to the unique aspirations and challenges of your mentee?

K: I think when mentoring people it’s extremely important to listen to their situation and what they want to achieve. As I listen to them, I try to offer tailored advice to help with situations they are facing. I draw upon my past experiences to help offer advice

What’s something you would like to say to those looking to be a mentor next year?

K: Do it! It’s a fantastic opportunity to help an individual progress in their career or get into the industry. It’s a great opportunity to meet some incredible people in the games industry and learn how to be an effective mentor. Limit Break is also a fantastic program to participate in.

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