International Week of Happiness at Work

Celebrating International Week of Happiness at Work

In today’s fast-paced world, where deadlines and meetings often take centre stage, the importance of happiness at work cannot be overstated. A happy workplace is a productive one, and at Soul Assembly, we wholeheartedly believe in cultivating an environment where our team members thrive not just professionally but personally as well. 


That’s why we eagerly embraced the International Week of Happiness at Work, a delightful opportunity to infuse our workspace with positivity, camaraderie, and, of course, plenty of smiles.


The Power of Small Acts of Kindness:

One of the cornerstones of our week-long celebration was the “Small Acts of Kindness” challenge. It’s incredible how even the tiniest gestures can create ripples of happiness. Here’s a peek into our daily challenges:


Monday: Appreciation Day

We started the week by spreading gratitude. Team members took a moment to tell a colleague something they genuinely appreciated about them. It was heartwarming to see smiles blossom as compliments were exchanged.


Tuesday: Brew & Bond

“Tea for you, coffee for me.” Tuesday was all about brewing connection over a cuppa. Teammates delighted each other with freshly brewed tea or coffee, strengthening bonds one sip at a time.


Wednesday: Nature’s Serenity

Midweek, we ventured outdoors for a refreshing walk in the lush gardens by our workplace. The serenity of nature worked its magic, rejuvenating spirits and inspiring a sense of calm.


Thursday: Surprise, Surprise!

Surprises can brighten anyone’s day, so on Thursday, we spread joy with surprise notes left on colleagues’ desks. These unexpected tokens of kindness brought smiles that lasted all day.


Friday: Post-Work Shenanigans

Friday was all about letting our hair down and making real connections. We wrapped up the week with post-work shenanigans, hanging out with colleagues and creating memories beyond the confines of the office.


Sharing Happiness:

To further amplify the spirit of happiness, we set up a vibrant pinboard where team members could share what makes them happy. The board became a colourful mosaic of joy, a visual reminder that happiness can be found in even the simplest of things.


Wellness Day Extravaganza:

On Thursday, our workplace transformed into a haven of wellness. Team members enjoyed rejuvenating massages to relax their bodies and minds. Additionally, a creative collage art workshop allowed everyone to express their artistic side and discover new passions.


International Week of Happiness at Work served as a poignant reminder that happiness isn’t just a fleeting emotion but an essential component of a fulfilling work life. At Soul Assembly, we’re committed to creating a workplace where happiness thrives year-round. When you prioritize joy, magic happens, and every day becomes a celebration of life and work. 

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